Dr Isabelle Landreau

Attorney at the Paris Bar

LL.B, Ph.D

Email: isabelle.landreau@sun-avocat.com 

Isabelle Landreau specializes in international intellectual property law, contract law, corporate law and international litigation and arbitration.


Ms. Landreau worked in Tokyo with Attorney Dubois and studied alternative dispute resolution in relation to Trademarks. She also developed her fields of expertise by spending more than three years in the USA, in particular in the legal department of GlaxoSmithKline. Her work there consisted of the registration and protection of trademarks in the legal departement. During those three years, she acquired unique skills while working at Eckert Seamans Law Firm (Pennsylvania), one of the leading firms regarding trademarks in the US. She was in charge of the discovery process in French and in English for a class action following a trademark withdrawal.


In France, she has focused on intellectual property law and on international business law. She worked with Attorney Dumont-Beghi in relation to the protection of art work. Within the Caamo Law Firm, she was in charge of the protection of trademarks, of software, of copyright, and of international litigation and arbitration.


Born in France, Ms. Landreau holds bachelor's degree in Private Law from Poitiers Law School, a LLB degree in Common Law from Cardiff University in Wales, and a PhD in International Intellectual Property Protections from Hokkaido Faculty of Law and French National Research Centre in Japan.


Languages: French , English and Spanish.

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