Alain Guyot

Business Development Consultant, Of Counsel

Tel.: + 33 6 20 05 12 43


Alain Guyot advises companies concerning the elaboration and validation of their development strategy, takes part in their implementation, being able to offer at each stage of the process a one-off operational assistance.


Alain Guyot held extensive experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Management mainly in Specialty Chemicals. Mostly with Hercules lnc., a leading world wide supplier for the global Pulp and Paper industry. 


He held senior management positions within Hercules in Europe. His job positions have included South Europe Sales Director, Strategic Corporate Account Sales Director (Europe-Asia), Business Director, and Work Process Redesign Director. 


He was born in France and graduated with a Master degree in Chemistry. He received his post-graduate education in Business/Administration from HEC-CRC (Hautes Etudes Commerciales - Centre de Recherche des Chefs d'entreprises). Mr. Guyot is studying Chinese language and Chinese civilisation at Confucius Institut of University Paris 7. 


Languages: English, French and Chinese (basic)